About us

We are a family-owned company and have been creating snacks for everyone for almost 40 years. We want everyone who eats our products to feel fullness of flavor, Without artificial additives and enhancers. Simple composition means a healthier product.  

We produce based on the highest standards. We are characterized by quality and responsibility in caring for family, friends and nature. 


We work with industry leaders who are trusted suppliers, whose companies guarantee the highest quality of products supplied and care for the environment.


We pack our products in FSC® Mix-certified cardboard boxes (FSC-C133957), which ensures that we maintain high ecological standards out of concern for nature. 

 We conduct many CSR activities, keeping in mind that we have a tidal influence on the world around us.


 We focus on sustainability. We care about supply chains, renewable energy sources, certified recyclable materials. We optimize processes for the sake of the highest quality standards as well as the impact on nature


Continuous development is written in our DNA.